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Health Education Project, or Proje Edikasyon Sante  in Creole (HEP-PES), is a local non-profit on a mission to improve health and quality of life in Haiti through education, outreach, and medical service.


The Haitian health system has suffered for years from multiple and persistent difficulties, including the rupture of our social contract, debilitating financial barriers, political instability, and natural disasters. All of these factors have grossly impeded access to quality healthcare.

More and more Haitians are suffering from mental illnesses and physical dysfunction due to lack of hygiene and unnecessary exposure to infectious diseases such as HIV-AIDS, cholera, tuberculosis, and malaria. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and physical disabilities are all on the rise as well. This healthcare crisis can be attributed to limited training of healthcare providers, and overall lack of awareness of methods to prevent contracting diseases.


Since 2010, the Health Education Project (HEP) has been working to ameliorate the health care crisis in Haiti through community engagement, education, and resource sharing. Through personal interaction and partnership with international medical providers, we provide information on how to prevent diseases and how to provide adequate care for those that have contracted illnesses.


At HEP-PES, we believe that prevention is as important as cure. HEP promotes safe hygiene practices, STD awareness, and provides first-response care to health emergencies. Furthermore, we educate and care for the growing population of patients with diabetes or cardiovascular dysfunction, and are currently working to improve the overall sanitation conditions of the country in order to sustainably curtail the spread of disease.


Samuel Bastien

Project Coordinator


Dr. Prashant Phalpher

General Director  

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Tushar Metha

General Coordinator

Ricot Ramau

Staff Executive

Stephanie Antoine

General Secretary

MarcEdwine Bastien


Lentz Louis


Giordany Bastien


Dr. Vipan Nikore

Project Advisor 

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