COVID 19 Community leader training
COVID 19 Community leader training
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Bringing world-class 

health education to Haiti

As of Jun 7, 3334 cases of Covid-19 and 51 deaths have been confirmed in Haiti; and the number of suspected cases are increasing hour by hour.  This number is an underestimate.  In Haiti we are not able to test those who are in need.  And COVID-19 related deaths may occur without a person reaching hospital, so many will not be counted.  Preventing the spread of the virus is more essential than ever: extreme poverty, poor sanitary conditions and the inability of the majority of the population to isolate themselves make the prospect of a major epidemic particularly alarming.

Our goal is to Prepare

Our goal is to prepare communities to prevent the spread of coronavirus and to exercise to respond to misinformation stigmatization of comments or behaviors related to the virus.


We are working with the public in the most remote places in Haiti to promote preventive and health screening, The most recent places we lead the training.

 Respond to misinformation

Santo Croix Des Bouquets, : Thiotte, Grand Gosier, Anse-à -Pitres and Fonds Verrettes, Tiburon South of Haiti.


 To date, 250 community leaders and multi-skilled community health practitioners (ASCP) have been trained on Covid-19 symptoms, transmission channels, preventive measures and what to do if symptoms occur.  

Work Worth Doing
Health Education Project, or Proje Edikasyon Sante in Creole, is a local non-profit organization run by a group of Haitians dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of our nation. We strive to create positive social change by directly engaging with Haitian communities through education and resource sharing. With our international partners, we provide water purification, mobile clinic services, disaster relief and more.

From the most remote mountains of the countryside to the displacement camps remaining in Port-Au-Prince, we work hand-in-hand with communities, health agents, local and national authorities to bring world-class health education to Haiti.

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