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Ecole Communautaire de Santo (ECS) is the first community school in Santo, commune of Croix-Des-Bouquets. CES makes special efforts for local Restavek children, who suffer a type of modern slavery as domestic servants. This special population suffers heavy trauma and difficulties in education. Extra social and educational support is provided for many who are years behind in their schooling. Gender equity, human rights and community responsibility are a theme in CES education


  • Kindergarten to final year high school grades are now covered.

  • Teachers have attended extra training, are paid regular monthly salaries, and enthusiastic about their work

  • ECS students average ranking on government exams have become one of the best in the area

  • A hygiene program is taught; clean drinking water is provided via a filter

  • CES facilitates basic immunizations for students against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B and Haemophilus influenzae type B

Basic costs/efficiency

  • The 2021 operating budget is under $50 USD per student for an ENTIRE YEAR of school, INCLUDING MEALS

  • Staff are paid $80 USD per month, for 25 staff. Our budget is about $30K USD for over 600 students

  • Avg cost per student, including meals, for the 2021 school year, is $50 USD

  • There are no foreign paid staff. Our goal is to maintain strict efficiency

  • CES is registered as a “community school”, a official non profit entity in Haiti

  • School uniforms are NOT mandatory, an uncommon practice in Haiti. Affording a uniform can pose a barrier to many children.

HEP Haiti's Plant-Based Initiative: A meal program (Kantin) now feeds all students and school staff with    plant-based meals. Bulk food purchases are from local farmers, supporting them at a cost of 5-6 cents per meal.

Facts about Our school

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  • 30 students received training on Entrepreneurship/leadership and awarded with a certificate 

  • Sewing courses for 20 students 

  • 200 school material was provided 

  • Immunization and vaccination, All student was vaccinated for diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, hepatitis B and Haemophilus influenza type B

  • Three health screening  was conducted by HEP

  • 530 students were enrolled 

  • Teachers training once a month 

  • Students academic grades results went from 23% to 70% 

  • Sport, Health awareness, English, and Art was added to the school program

  • Two hygienic toilets were built

  • A water pump was installed to provide clean water for students

  • A meal program (Kantin) was implemented to feed 550 students and staff

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  • Our goals is to provide a sustainable education for CES students with stepwise and practical improvements.

    • Start a computer lab/library

    • Advance English and Spanish course for students and teachers

    • Entrepreneurship training course for students 

    • Build an additional schooling facility

    • Additional training for teachers 

    • Technical vocational education and training for students

  • There are a vast number of children who cannot access education. We hope to gradually increase enrolment balanced with funding, sustainability, and quality.
    Continued mutual responsibility and commitment with our team of staff.

Special Thanks

The recent school year was fully funded by the GRANDI with an amount of $19,485. We are extremely grateful for GRANDI contributing to our mission of educating underprivileged populations in Haiti.


Funding is used for school reparation and teaching materials, teachers' monthly salary and meal program at the school. This allows the students to enroll for little to no cost and gain access to verified resources to learn, and open the door for a bright future ahead!

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Want to get involved? 

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